Episode 17

017 Fluence - Helping the World Grow Smarter with Corrine Wilder

Published on: 27th September, 2023

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Ever wondered how the world of vertical farming is being revolutionized by LED lighting? Host Michael Williamson is joined by Corinne Wilder, the VP of Global Commercial Operations at Fluence. Corinne reveals the science-driven approach behind Fluence, a global LED horticultural lighting company. She shares her personal journey from a child growing up in a state park to a marine biology and ecology graduate and her transition to working in the commercial lighting industry. 

Corinne has a unique perspective on the industry, having experienced firsthand the transition from a corporate giant like Panasonic to a startup atmosphere at Fluence. She sheds light on how LED technology has disrupted the vertical farming world, leading to the introduction of the all-white light at trade shows. Corinne also gives us an insider view on the challenges of understanding the title 24 code in California and its role in energy savings and rebates. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on the advantages of a broader spectrum of light for detecting pests and pathogens.

We discuss Corinne's leadership journey and her insights into women in leadership roles. She imparts valuable advice on finding your passion, advocating for yourself, and fighting against boundaries. We also delve into the fascinating world of oyster cultivation with our second guest, Rowan Jacobson, the author of numerous books on oysters. Get ready to discover the intricacies of oyster cultivation, the importance of native oysters to the American coast, and the intriguing possibility of creating an indoor aquarium environment for growing oysters. As we wrap up, we refocus on Fluence and the valuable resources they offer for those keen to delve deeper into this fascinating world.

Key Takeaways

  • 0:00 - Vertical Farming With LED Lighting
  • 8:58 - LED Technology Industry Career Transition
  • 20:34 - Commercial Operations and Female Leadership
  • 31:14 - Oyster Cultivation and Fluence Science

Memorable Quotes

"The LED technology disrupted and catalyzed the vertical farming space and the introduction of the all white light at the trade shows flipped the script."
"We're a global LED horticultural lighting company. So basically, first and foremost, we produce, manufacture, design and ship out LED fixtures for horticulture."
"It's not just LED lighting, because that's not just what customers need. It's talking about what is the whole environment that you're trying to create for with the customer, but really for the plant, right, our customer has always been the plant."

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